How to Make Tights

Here you can learn how to make nice looking tights for your sprites. Tired of guessing what colors will look right? Tired of tons of trial and error? Well fear not, here is a simple to follow Photoshop tutorial on how to make them.

Today we will be using a sprite of Vice from King of Fighters! Above is my sprite....with everything minus her tights. Be sure to draw everything else first before we do the tights. So far i've only know how to make these using fair skinned bases so far. Now the first thing you will want to do is make a new layer. Make sure its the top most layer! Don't fiddle with any of the settings yet. Zoom in till you are at 1440%.

We are now going to select the pencil tool at 1 Pixel. If you weren't already using the pencil tool, you get to it by right clicking on the brush tool. Now we are going to draw! Since the tights she wears are black, i'm just going to use the colors from her dress! I'm going to use 4 blackish match the different shadows on the base. These are from darkest to lightest: (Dark Dark Black: #1F1F1F, Dark Black: #2D2D2D, Dark Dark Grey: #454544, Dark Grey: #5C5C5C). If you mess up, don't be afraid to hit Undo (Ctrl+Z).

Now if we zoom can't tell the difference because it blends in with the dress! So we are going to set the tights layer to Mutiply. However it looks a bit too dark..... (this may be different in your case)

We want our tights to look in its not just pure black. when you wear tights you can still see some of the skin underneath. So we are going to set the opacity of the layer to 60%. Since that seems to look fine to me. You may want to fiddle around with the opacity a little.! Tada. You are done. Below you will see a tiny table of for the colors you can use for black and brown tights! If you ever have any questions feel free to email me!













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