I am a natural entertainer. Aren't we all Holding pieces of dying ember? I run a secret propaganda. I'm just trying to remember who I can call. Aren't we all hiding pieces of broken anger? I'm just trying to
Born in a war of opposite attraction. It isn't, or is it a natural conception? Torn by the arms in opposite direction. It isn't or is it a Modernist reaction. Is it like this? When a heartache begins, is it like this?

Her Name

Going on a quest to find Tira's name was quite the adventure. For one its not a very common name, seeing most baby name sites don't have it at all. Most times I asked for the name in search results I got names that were slightly similar in spelling or sound.

At one place, I got the name Tirana which is Albanian, however no one knows what it means. At another place I got Tirzah, which had other variations such as Tirza, Tirzha. The name is Hebrew and means "delight; pleasantness" and even "cyprus tree"

However after much searching I found a site that actually had her name the way Namco spells it. Tira, is a female Hebrew name which means "encampment" or "enclosure".

However upon researching more I discovered that Tira is also a Scandinavian and Scottish name for a girl. In Scandinavian it means "Thor's Battle" and in Scottish it means "Land".

So its hard to decide which meaning Namco meant, if they meant a certain origin at all. Tira is often linked to birds or German, yet none of these really carry along with that. So who knows. Only Namco can confirm.

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