I am a natural entertainer. Aren't we all Holding pieces of dying ember? I run a secret propaganda. I'm just trying to remember who I can call. Aren't we all hiding pieces of broken anger? I'm just trying to
Born in a war of opposite attraction. It isn't, or is it a natural conception? Torn by the arms in opposite direction. It isn't or is it a Modernist reaction. Is it like this? When a heartache begins, is it like this?

Sophitia -- Information

Sophitia Alexandra  (ソフィーテーア) is a Greek woman who was destined to destroy Soul Edge. She destroyed one of the swords before becoming injured. Taki destroyed the other and helped Sophitia get back to Greece, where she was treated. Some of the shards of Soul Edge were removed from her, however, when she had children (a son and daughter), the evil seed was passed down to them. This made them the perfect host bodies for Soul Edge. Now she takes up her sword not for the Greek Gods, but to defend her family from harm.

Sophitia & Tira

While technically Sophitia is one of Tira's main enemies, Sophitia does not seem to wish harm upon the young girl. It would seem the only reason Sophitia has a conflict with Tira is because she's after her children. So Sophitia's stance is rather defensive, however, its hard to miss this odd air around these two. Sophitia & Tira truely have a complex relationship.

"To abandon your children and come all this way. You're such a horrible mother. sheesh." --Tira

Whenever Tira sees Sophitia, she is often chastising her abilities as a mother or acting rather playful towards her when mentioning them. However Sophitia always remains calm and defensive. Since Tira often exhibits odd behavior, it usually causes alarm in most people she encounters. However, while most people are just hostile towards her because of it, Sophitia learns to just be alert and defensive. She won't make a move unless Tira forces her to. In a way people give Tira what she wants by being hostile, yet Sophitia won't after awhile, and this bothers her.

"Say, I'd really like to play with your children," -- Tira

While Sophitia initiates the battle the first two times they meet, it is because Tira provokes her by talking about her children. Sophitia is extremely defensive of her family for she knows the effects Soul Edge can have. This pleases Tira a lot for she gets the reaction she had wanted out of the Greek warrior. However while they fight for the second time at the shrine, Sophitia begins to look at Tira in a new light

"Poor child. You've never known happiness..." --Sophitia

Since Tira has a bipolar personality, her moods change greatly. One minute she will be happy or agressive and the next angry, depressed and reclusive. Sophitia sees emptiness in the eyes of Tira, a girl who has grown up too quickly and has only know killing all her life. Deep down Tira is well aware of her unhappiness and emptiness, however refuses to acknowledge it. Her happy and agressive demeanor can be seen as a mask almost, which she uses to fool her enemies and herself. However Sophitia can seen through it, and when she mentions the lines above, Tira changes moods right before her eyes.

"You're annoying...When the time comes, I'll come for your children" -- Tira

Not very many people get to see Tira when she changes moods, however Sophitia is one of the few. The instant Sophitia sees beyond the mask, Tira becomes angry and reclusive. She sees that Sophitia will no longer react how she wants and takes off. She is now disapointed with Sophitia and no longer wishes to toy with her. After this she leaves and Sophitia is left alarmed by her behavior.

"This isn't...what you should be doing." --Sophitia

Knowing how Tira is now, she knows how to deal with her. So when they bump into each other at Ostrheinsburg Castle once more, Sophitia is calm, collected and does not initiate the battle. Nor is she provoked by Tira's chastising of her abilities as a Mother. If anything, Sophitia seems determined not to give fuel to Tira's fire, she knows her now more then anyone else. Sophitia has a strong maternal instinct, and wouldn't be surprised if she felt some kind of calling to save Tira from herself.

"Humph...I don't even feel like killing you." -- Tira

However with Tira, she is often excited over anything that meets her approval, so when Sophitia is easily provoked like she wanted, it makes her happy. It makes even more playful by nature and causes her to toy around with Sophitia. However once Sophitia sees how she really and no longer goes according to Tira's plans. She gets angry, depressed and confused. She no longer wants to toy with the Greek warrior and wants to get straight down to business. She doesn't want someone reaching out to her, for she seems to think Nightmare is the only person who can understand how she is.

Perhaps in the next installment we will see more of this complex relationship.

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