I am a natural entertainer. Aren't we all Holding pieces of dying ember? I run a secret propaganda. I'm just trying to remember who I can call. Aren't we all hiding pieces of broken anger? I'm just trying to
Born in a war of opposite attraction. It isn't, or is it a natural conception? Torn by the arms in opposite direction. It isn't or is it a Modernist reaction. Is it like this? When a heartache begins, is it like this?

SPRITES - Yay for Pixels

These are sprites I made for my sprite adoption site. I've decided to put all the SC ones i've done up here. Keep in mind i mostly just do female sprites so thats all you'll find really. ^^;; Also, i have yet to make tira ones ._. Also, don't be afraid to donate! Just email me.

Amy Aurilea Cassandra SCII, 1P SCII, 2P SCII, 3P Hualin Ivy SCII, 1P SCII, 3P SCIII, 1P Setsuka, 1P Sophitia SC, 1P Sophitia SCII, 1P Sophitia SCII, 3P Sophitia Taki SCII, 1P SCII, 2P SCII, 3P 1P, SCIII SCII, 1P SCII, 3P SCIII, 1P Valeria

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