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Orgins -- Her Birth

While there is still quite a bit of stuff we do not know about Tira, there is some information we can get at if we look around well enough. This section here is going to discuss Tira's possible orgins in regards to birthplace and birthdate.

Her Birthdate

Her birthdate is a much easier thing to figure out then her birthplace, all thanks in part to Namco's Japanese website Soul Archive. All we know is Tira's age, so could we possible know what year she was born?

Well, according to the Soul Archive, the events of Soul Edge took place in around 1584. With Soul Calibur, we know that it takes place three years later so it would be in 1587. With Soul Calibur II we know it took place four years after that, so the events of it happened in 1591. Now with Soul Calibur III, it takes place shortly after Soul Calibur II, so it is also in 1591.

The reason we know this is the months mentioned in other character's profiles. It took a month for Xianghua to carry Kilik to Edge Master but then also Kilik trained there for three more months. Xianghua had also trained during this time in China.

So if we take the year 1591 and subtract Tira's age (which is 17), we get the year of 1574.

Her Birthplace

Her birthplace is always listed as unknown and it seems just about everywhere that has information on Tira hints at German Lineage. However there really is not much evidence for or against this to make it a fact or a close guess.

While her weapon name "Aiselne Drossel" could be a possible mistranslation of "Eiserne Drossel" that doesn't really point towards her being German. Also, a lot of people try to point out that her stage in Soul Calibur III, "Ostrheinsburg Castle - Battlement" means she's from Germany. Yun-Seong's level is in Egypt, does that mean he's Egyptian? No.

First off a little history on Ostrheinsburg Castle, yes it is German. However it was Nightmare's base of operations in Soul Calibur. It is where Xianghua, Kilik and Maxi fought and defeated Nightmare. The castle wasn't really touched until four years later when Raphael tracked down Nightmare there. This is where Nightmare and Siegfred truly separate for the first time in seven years. After Siegfred leaves, Nightmare remains.

So just because the stage is German does not prove Tira is German, the stage was originally Nightmare and Siegfred's if anything and as well all know from previous installments, Siegfred is German. His full name is Siegfried Schtauffen and is from Ober-Getzenberg. Thats where the real character/german connection lies.

Besides, Tira could be any form of European ethnicity because she was raised in the Birds of Passage. The organization is described by Namco as "affiliated with no single side, forming contracts with the powerful and sending out assassins to eliminate important figures. The group kept its existence in secret, influencing the history of Europe from behind the scenes." She could have been picked out of any European country by them or maybe her parents were in the organization already. I guess we'll just have to see later on in the next game.

My point however? We do not know Tira's birthplace, it could be Germany, it could not be, there isn't really enough evidence to point to either. So people shouldn't just assume. :)

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