I am a natural entertainer. Aren't we all Holding pieces of dying ember? I run a secret propaganda. I'm just trying to remember who I can call. Aren't we all hiding pieces of broken anger? I'm just trying to
Born in a war of opposite attraction. It isn't, or is it a natural conception? Torn by the arms in opposite direction. It isn't or is it a Modernist reaction. Is it like this? When a heartache begins, is it like this?

Tira's Weapons

Name: Aislene Drossel (1p & 2p)
Orgins: It has been assumed by the gaming community that Aiselne Drossel is a bad translation of "Eiserne Drossel". Drossel means choke, throttle or thrush in German.
Obtaining: Default Weapon
Abilities: None

Name: Bitfrost
Orgins: Possible relation to the word Bifröst, the bridge betwen mortals and the gods in Norse Mythology.
Obtaining: Avilable at the Weapons Shop for 12300
Abilities: High defense and avoids ring outs

Name: Ixion
Orgins: Ixion was a man bound to a wheel for eternity by Zeus for lusting after Hera, Zeus' wife.
Obtaining: Get to 4th stage in her Tale of Souls. Can buy at shop for 26200.
Abilities: High Attack Power & Recovers Health with each swing

Name: Vimana
Orgins: vimānas were described in the Vedas as flying wheeled chariots. Vimana is a Sanskrit word.
Obtaining: Get to 7th stage in her Tale of Souls. Can buy at shop for 39600.
Abilities: Will Automatically Guard Impact some attacks.

Name: Soul Edge
Orgins: too long to list. most say her version of SE looks like a Ouroboros
Obtaining: Finished Tale of Souls with her and buy her previous weapons.
Abilities: Attack Power increases over time, health slowly goes down, and breaks through enemy's guard.

Name: Cogwheel
Obtaining: Get a good rank in Hard Workers (normal). Can buy at shop for 70200.
Abilities: Different Sound when hitting an enemy.

Name: The Anicent
Orgins: Relating to Olcadan?
Obtaining: Beat Olcadan while playing Tale of Souls. Can buy at shop for 15000.
Abilities: None

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