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Japanese -- Asano Masami

Asano Masumi (浅野 真澄), was born on August 25th in 1977 in Akita, Japan. She also has O type blood. She loves the library, taking walks, watching movies, and traveling. On the other hand she hates things like wasabi, tabaco, and gross looking food. She is part of the JPop group "Aice5" outside of her Seiyuu job. Not much other then that is known other then that she is a fairly active seiyuu in the Japanese anime and video game industry.

Some famous anime roles include: Haku (Naruto), Risa (DN.Angel), Shouta (Haibane Renmei), Lightening (Kiddy Grade), Stephanie (Gravion).

So far it would seem Tira is one of her more famous and well known video game roles. I personally think she does an awesome job at doing Tira. She captures the emotional and bi-polar nature of her and knows just how to say things. Granted i'm a little biased when it comes to Japanese version vs. English version but hey, you have to admit Asano can pull it off it really well.

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English -- Jennifer Hale

So i've been searching for ages, and I finally find the person who did Tira's voice in the English version! IMDB.com seems to have info on who some of the English VA's are but it wasn't till I checked out Tira's wiki page again that I saw a name had been added. Jennifer Hale was born on January 30th, 1972 in Northern Canada. Apparently she is also credited under the name of Carren Learning at times. She has also appeared on normal TV shows such as Charmed and Just Shoot Me! as a guest.

Some Famous Roles Are: Naomi Hutner & Emma Emmerich (Metal Gear series), Stella (Tales of Legendia), and Samus (Metroid).

I think she does a fairly decent job for a dubbed version, however, I still think there could be a lot of improvement. For one, I think she could show a little more playfulness when she's happy. She can portray the emotions of Tira fairly well however at times I feel she could put in a little more. Sometimes when she sounds angry and annoyed she just makes Tira sound old =/ But I definatly think there could be more playfulness in Tira's voice from her. I still like Asano more then this girl.


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