I am a natural entertainer. Aren't we all Holding pieces of dying ember? I run a secret propaganda. I'm just trying to remember who I can call. Aren't we all hiding pieces of broken anger? I'm just trying to
Born in a war of opposite attraction. It isn't, or is it a natural conception? Torn by the arms in opposite direction. It isn't or is it a Modernist reaction. Is it like this? When a heartache begins, is it like this?

Ostrheinsburg Castle

Much time has passed since this proud, once-impregnable fortress, with its four citadels, was reduced to ruin. The scars inflicted by giant siege engines several years ago tell the tale of the horror of war. After losing its first lord and falling into ruin, this castle was occupied by a terrible master known as the Azure Knight.

The chaos of war, and then the Azure Knight, filled this land with bitter hatred. A miasmal fog still lingers over the castle even after the knight has left.

It is said that this land, avoided even by wild beasts, feels like home to those who have accepted evil into their hearts. Those who visit this place will surely see the dark birds that gather at the top of the tower of this crumbling castle.

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