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Born in a war of opposite attraction. It isn't, or is it a natural conception? Torn by the arms in opposite direction. It isn't or is it a Modernist reaction. Is it like this? When a heartache begins, is it like this?

Loose Ends -- Unlocking, etc

Here is just a small section on all the stuff related to Tira you can unlock, beat or undo, etc. So scroll down for more!

Chronicles of the Sword

In Chronicles of the Sword, now and then you will have an option of killing a much higher level person, usually a person from the actual Soul Calibur 3 Roster. I haven't actually gotten that far into it however I think each character only appears once.

Create A Character

There are no parts to help you make a character look like Tira, however after having a level 30 Thief you can unlock the "Soul of Tira". This is basically Tira's entire move set and weapon list available for a created character. I believe Tira's discipline falls under the Thief/Dance like area.

Artwork, etc.

The first time you complete Tale of Souls with Tira her artwork becomes available to buy in Valeria's shop.

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