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Ring Blade

The creators have once again introduced a unique style of fighting to the world of fighting games. It would seem Namco just simply calls her weapon a Ring Blade and her dicipline is not really known. However after doing some research I think i finally know the orgins.

In ancient India, a throwing weapon known as the chakram came to be known. It is a flat metal ring that was extremly sharp on the outside. It is said to be vero aerodynamic and easy to use in combat. It was often used by the Sikhs in anicent India in battle. The word Chakram is Sanskrit and means circle or wheel.

Often times when you see a much bigger chakram it is usually in fiction. For most chakrams are only throwing weapons, rarely a melee weapon. However some tv series (Xena: Warrior Princess) and video games (Axel of KH and of course Tira) features larger ones. Often times in fiction, if the chakram is big the fighting style associated with it is usually a dancer or acrobatic like style. As seen with Tira.

Tira's weapon is a giant chakram that is dull on the inside and sharp on the ouside. Its dull on the inside so she can grip it, plus she also wears gloves. The blade is about half to 3/4s of her height. Tira can swing it easily and the large hole in the middle is big enough for her to kick her opponent through it or sling her small body through it to hit her opponent (as seen in the SC3 opening). Her fighting of style often seems like she is a flexible dancer.

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