Hello! You have stumbled upon Ai no Fuda, Eimii's Trading Card Post. I'm slowly getting back into the fray and took a long break from TCGs. I like to play video game TCGs but i love anime and manga too! If you ever find a good JPop or Final Fantasy one give me a holler!

I try to be active, but by all means look at each page to know for sure how recently ive played. I'll try to list on this main page which TCGs ive played that are on hiatus.


All meaningful updates will go here. Mostly overall tcg post stuff, for individual tcg updates see their respective pages.

09-26-2018: A new layout is finally up!
07-??-2018: I joined Idolise.
06-30-2017: A new layout finally added.
06-13-2016: A new layout is up again! Also most TCGs have been removed
06-24-2015: New layout is up! A few TCGs have had their links bumped to the main page only due to inactivity.
05-02-2015: I joined Trading Academy!
04-16-2015: I'm off of hiatus at 1UP!
03-01-2015: I joined Vibra and the page is fully set up for trading
01-11-2015: New layout is up!
12-07-2014: I'm currently taking a break from 1Up & Crystalline. I will still accept trades from them but i wont be playing any games.
09-06-2014: Rockin' Nippon is up and ready for trading. New layout is also up!
07-31-2014: Moonlight Legend, Charm & 1Up pages are fully set up. I've also just joined Reverie!
06-25-2014: Moonlight Legend & Charm pages have been set up for pre-join!