Why Them?

you might wonder why I picked two senshi who are only briefly seen for a few panels in the Sailor Stars manga. It's a somewhat silly story. As a young teenager my mother started buying me the Sailor Moon manga, however she had no idea about volume numbers. So my first two volumes were Volume 17 and Volume 10. It was there in volume 17 that i was first introduced to Sailor Lethe & Mnemosyne. Not knowing much about the manga I was really excited to find out if if they were in the Stars anime. They just seemed very different from the usual SM villain fare. In my later teen years I finally watched the anime and was bummed they didn't make an appearance. I understand why but none the less still bummed.

So fast forward to 2007, a year after having my domain. I wanted to make a Sailor Moon shrine but felt overwhelmed by the bigger characters. My mind instantly went to those two. They were so mysterious, a lot could be speculated about them. A lot was unknown about them and not a lot of places focused or mentioned them. They needed some love. Not just some info blurb on a general SM website or wiki. So Sacrification was born.


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