So you must be wondering... why call it Sacrification? What is Sacrification? Is it even a word? Well to answer the latter, yes it is a word! It means: "The act of a sacrifice". What is Sacrifice? It means: "To give away (something valuable) to get at least a possibility to gain something else of value, or to avoid an even greater loss." This is something Lethe & Mnemosyne do. They sacrifice their freedom in order to survive and live.

As to why I picked the name, Sacrification is actually a song by one of my favorite musicians Youjeen. It was released back in 2002 on her BEWITCH album. It's a darker rock song. I actually picked it for a certain set of English lyrics at the beginning:

I am thinking about you
Just shaded by my evil sins
Wrong or right you are darkened
but it... doesn't matter either way

So now...

For some reason that line always stuck out to me. In a way it fits the twins, regardless of their actions they were bound to have a bad ending. Either doing the right thing and standing up to Galaxia and dying. Or choosing the wrong cowardly way and eventually dying at the hands of Galaxia. It dosen't matter, its not an if but a when for their death. Here are the rest of the lyrics:

Save yourself from diluted
flame I touch upon you
I will die for you
coz' then you'll feel no misery

"WHY" is the question I give you
So far away from what I dream
Helpless slipped in delusions
Crucified by all insanity from me

Save yourself from this
present world of tears of pain
Let me die for you
then all the shadows will disappear

nani mo motomenai
anata dake wo mamoritsudzuke
kurushimi mo koraete
anata dake ni wa hohoende ageru

karekaketa BARA no you ni
taisetsu na saigo no hi wo
anata dake ni ageru no
watashi no subete wo

zawameku kono kodou ni
komoriuta wo sasageru no
kokoro wo shizumenagara
I give my blessing to you forever

I will die for you, let me die for you
I give my blessing, blessing to you forever
I will die for you


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