Sailor Wars

In the anime, a story about Sailor Wars comes up from Galaxia. With Chaos going all about the galaxy, many planets and it's senshi started to become corrupt and fight each other. Entire planets and star systems were destroyed as Chaos turned friends and allies against each other. It wasn't until the legendary sailor senshi Galaxia came around that Chaos disappeared, however in order to do so she sealed it within herself. It ended the wars however over time Galaxia became corrupted from Chaos and started to take planets and galaxies for herself. Often times she'd take the senshi from that planet with her or take the senshi's powers and give it to one of her minions.

In the manga there is no real talk of a "Sailor War". However it would appear at some time or another some planets would have conflicts. i.e. Lethe & Mnemosyne's planets.


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