Their Past

Sailor Lethe & Mnemosyne came from neighboring planets that were constantly at war with one another. The two planets were small, impoverished and at war. Lethe & Mnemosyne couldn't help but sit back and watch as their respective planets crumbled and became corrupt. It is believed the cause was due to civil war or some form of Sailor War/Chaos. When both of the planets had finally been destroyed by Galaxia, they were given a choice: follow her or die. Wishing for a better future, they followed her. Perhaps the only senshi to willingly do so. Galaxia took the two girls in under her wing and made them guard the outskirts of her castle.

Their Fate

After the destruction of their planet, Lethe & Mnemosyne came to work for Sailor Galaxia at her castle Zero Star Sagittarius. There they guarded the outskirts of the castle, which was surrounded by desert rivers. It is here that Eternal Sailor Moon, the Starlights, Princess Kakyuu, and Chibi Chibi stumble upon the girls unknowingly. To Lethe, Eternal Sailor Moon was the source of the problem. The fighting would never end, the deaths would never end till she was dead. Lethe killed off Luna, Artemis and Diana before Mnemosyne finally stopped her. Mnemosyne wanted to let Galaxia take care of Sailor Moon's fate so they wouldn't have to kill her. Lethe relented and they decided to let them pass which would cost them their life. Sailor Chi & Phi appeared to finish the job for them by first taking their lives. They died slowly and held each others hands as they finally found peace.


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