When Galaxia arrived at the Twin planets Lethe & Mnemosyne, she found them at war with each other, chaos. Amidst this, she found two girls, the senshi of the planets, clinging to each other as people around them fought. When Galaxia destroyed the planet, she gave them an ultimatum: follow her or be killed, their abilities going to some other follower.

The relationship between Galaxia and the girls could be seen as symbiotic or even born out of necessity. Their main focus was survival and they saw it with Galaxia, so they followed her. Galaxia needed more senshi under her command and this time she didn't have to kill or corrupt them.

Both girls didn't seem to really like her, but I feel Lethe was more willing to follow her plans. Mnemosyne only thought seemed to be the survival of her and her sister...nothing more and nothing less. She bore no hatred towards Sailor Moon and thus, was just going with the flow. Lethe on the other hand believed Galaxia defeating Sailor Moon would solve things, however Galaxia's destruction was no better then the people fighting over the crystal. To quote Fallout: "War. War Never Changes".

Lethe & Mnemosyne had a rather naive way of thinking about the world and I feel Galaxia was able to take advantage of that. It felt like they chose what they thought was the lesser of the two evils. Knowing Galaxia's nature, once she had met her goals I'm sure she would have killed most people under her. Lethe & Mnemosyne included. While they were benefiting each other for awhile, once Mnemosyne convinced Lethe to let Sailor Moon and the group to pass through they were killed. They were no longer benefiting Galaxia and so she would no longer be their benefactor.


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