Episode 198

Much to the disappointment of Sailor Moon fans, with the Stars anime came, certain characters were missing: Lethe & Mnemosyne where two of them. However it can be understood that you can only have so many villains in episodes. Most series had 4 main villains. First season (The Shitennou), second season (The Ayakashi Sisters), third season (Witches 5) and fourth season (Amazoness quartet). However, I feel that Lethe & Mnemosyne had a small impact on the Stars season of the anime. In particular, episode 198.

I know hands seems to be a common theme for Uranus and Neptune. For they are often seen holding hands. However right before their talisman are taken there is a scene dedicated to them holding hands in their apartment. A lot of artwork has them holding hands as well, but at the same time I can't help but feel the manga version is a direct influence because its two people who greatly care for each other being killed by a villain. They then hold hands while dying. While this might not seem enough to warrant a reference, I feel the circumstance in which it happens does.

In the stars episode 198, Uranus and Neptune have turned against Eternal Sailor Moon and the Starlights. However towards the end they turn on Galaxia and try to kill her, which fails. Because of that, Galaxia takes away the bracelets, killing them. As they start to fade, they reach for each other slowly until their hands are touching and then they fade away completely. I feel this is a plot line taken from when Lethe & Mnemosyne hold hands as they die. They betrayed Galaxia by letting Sailor Moon live and so they were killed. Granted while Lethe & Mnemosyne are twins and Uranus & Neptune are lovers i still feel that strong, loving connection is there between them.

So while Lethe & Mnemosyne did not appear in the anime, i feel they contributed to it with their heartbreaking death scene in the manga.


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