Each Other

One of the most debated things about Lethe & Mnemosyne is their relationship with each other. Most people assume they are twin sisters (which Takeuchi confirmed) or just that they resemble each other. So here i will do my best to give my take on their relationship with each other.

Lethe & Mnemosyne have known each other since birth because they are twin sisters. This is further supported by their planets being neighbors / twin planets. Naturally they look alike because of this, and i think them having one light color and one having a dark color theme emphasizes their relationship in reference to the phrase "two sides of the same coin".

Lethe is often seen shielding Mnemosyne or with Mnemosyne clinging to her, so i believe she cares a lot for her and is her protector. However Mnemosyne is also one to try and keep Lethe's emotions in check. She tries hard to keep Lethe from using violence at one point. Because of this you see their personalities clash a bit when Mnemosyne tells Lethe to stop and all she says back is for Mnemosyne to just close her eyes if she doesn't want to watch.

However even though they are opposites, they rely on each other greatly. This is probably because they escaped as the only survivors of a massive war. They have come to a deep trust, a deep understanding of each other. They also do deeply care for each other, this is greatly shown by the fact that when they die, they hold each others hands. Not to mention you can tell they are very close since they are always holding each other. Probably something they got used to from the war. Perhaps its also to show how connected they are, by looks and everything.


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