Clothing & Appearance

As with all new senshi introduced in the Stars series, all are wearing a sailor fuku. However Takeuchi decided to expand on the designs with the new senshi, all that is remaining of the original design is the sailor collar. While Lethe and Mnemosyne look the same they do have some differences.

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Both have a sort of light pink/purple like color to their hair. However Lethe has hers parted to the left and Mnemosyne's is parted to the right. they both wear matching chain hair ornaments that come down to about their upper forehead. Lethe's hair has two very loose loop like odangos on each side of her head. The rest of her hair cascades down in two separate bunches of strands on each side thats reach her elbows. Mnemosyne's hair is a bit simpler. When her hair reaches about her ears its has a little black tie in it. From there her hair cascades down in two separate bunches on each side to her elbows, just like Lethe.


While they appear to be twins, there also several differences in their faces. Lethe's eyes look darker, perhaps a greenish color to match her fuku. In the materials collection it is noted that her eyes slant upwards, perhaps because she is the more dominant twin. Mnemosyne has lighter eyes, taking on a pink/purple like color, matching her fuku. Her eyes are noted as slanting downward. Lethe and Mnemosyne both have earrings, Lethe is only wearing one in her right ear and Mnemosyne with only one in her left ear. The earring is long and curved, with little spike like things coming off the end facing away from the face. At closer inspection, you can also see that Lethe has a bigger mouth then Mnemosyne, she is seen smiling in the materials collection and her lips are full, where as Mnemosyne has a small mouth and you can barely see her lips. It should be noted that Mnemosyne carries a worried like expression where as Lethe seems to be happy looking.

Sailor Fuku

Like all other senshi, Lethe & Mnemosyne have a sailor fuku that they wear. They match however are different in color. The fuku starts off with the classic sailor collar, it is very simplistic, with no white lines on it like the inner/outer senshi. The collar on both Lethe and Mnemosyne match their fuku's color. It is uncertain from the pictures if the collar is attached to anything, and if so, maybe the straps of the fuku dress that go underneath the collar. The sailor fuku that Lethe and Mnemosyne wear is a small dress with the bottom part ("skirt") being pleated. the dress comes up into very thin straps, and the at the chest part, you can see the line of their cleavage. The chest section has an almost triangle like shape covering the breasts, and underneath that shape part is thick line of fabric. The fabric of the fuku is said to be thin by Takeuchi in the materials collection. The back of the fuku is mostly backless, until it reaches the lower back/waist area where a think line of fabric is seen again. After there it flows into the pleated skirt. Lethe's fuku is a dark green and Mnemosyne's is a light purple/pink. Perhaps these colors were chosen for purple and green are opposites on the color wheel.


Lethe & Mnemosyne both have chokers around their neck. The color of the band of it match the color of their sailor fuku. Both start off with a start look shaping on the band of their choker however as the we get to the jewel like thing hanging down, they appear to be different. It would appear the little jewel hanging from Mnemosyne's is longer and skinnier. Where as Lethe's looks more circular, or almost like a flower shape. It's interesting for in the materials collection image, the chokers appear to have different things on them, where as in the manga and in other artwork they have the same looking choker, which is the one Mnemosyne has. Both Lethe and Mnemosyne wear bracelets on each wrist, for its the bracelets that Galaxia put on them. While they appear white in the manga collection (probably not significant though), the bracelets are gold, with a large round jewel on each one. In the anime, the jewels are seen as one green and one purple. But in the colored artwork of Lethe & Mnemosyne, the right and left bracelet both appear to have purple jewels. Around the jewels on the bracelets are what appear to be random shaped jewels.


Lethe & Mnemosyne both wear traditional strap sandals. The area where the toes are appear to be a bit triangular, with two straps going over the feet before it reaches a length of the sandal that covers part of the foot. After that it isn't till you reach the ankles that you see more straps. There are two straps that go criss-cross on the ankles. Mnemosyne's sandals are a pinkish purple and Lethe's is dark green, matching their sailor fuku.


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