Lethe & Mnemosyne are unique in that most of their abilities involve memories, amnesia, binding and in some cases even drowning. These are powers that require a bit more thought versus pure brute force. Based off what is seen I feel that Lethe & Mnemosyne are meant to work in a pair, Lethe being offense and Mnemosyne being defense.

Even though Mnemosyne has the power to restore memories and the apparent ability to make barriers, she has no known attacks. This is probably a first for a Sailor Moon "villain". Lethe on the other hand is shown to have one named attack and a few other unnamed abilities. However what is confirmed is that she has the power to kill, as demonstrated when she murders Luna, Artemis and Diana. Her named attack "Galactica Mysotis Alpestnis" is done with her staff and appears to have a binding effect on Eternal Sailor Moon. Not much else is known about its abilities due to Mnemosyne interrupting her.

Its an unknown wither Lethe & Mnemosyne had the power to make the desert rivers or if it was like that before their arrival. It can be confirmed though that Lethe can stand in it with it having an effect on her.


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