KILIK -- Her Love Intrest

Kilik in Soul Calibur III

He traveled with Xianghua on her journey in Soul Calibur to destroy the evil sword known as Soul Edge. The sucessfully defeated Nightmare and Inferno. They eventually had to face off against one another before the fight against Inferno in Soul Calibur II. He is the holder of the holy Kali-Yuga, one of the three treasures from Ling-Sheng Su temple. He also carries the Dvapara-Yuga, a mirror that was once Xianghua's unknown Sister's. He fights with the Ling-Sheng Su Style Staff and his teacher is Edgemaster. They also travel together in Soul Calibur III.

So the question is...what is his and Xianghua's relationship?

Is this LOVE?

They met and allied together in Soul Calibur, however it was never hinted that they were romantically involved. Its mostly a fan created thing, although I kinda see why. They look cute together! Later when they meet up in Soul Calibur II, they must face off. Even though they are friends and allies, they had their own methods for getting rid of Soul Edge, while both had the same goal, they both felt it was their duty. So it seems both were able to emotionally detach themselves for that battle for their sake of duty, and I would think if they were romantically involved at the time, it would be very hard to do.

While there is new evidence of love interest in Xianghua's story in Soul Calibur III, its still possible that he does not return her feelings. Xianghua was very upset and in tears when Zasalamel injured Kilik greatly after she had destroyed Inferno for the 2nd time in Soul Calibur II. This injuring of Kilik after she killed Inferno is not seen obviously but is mentioned in SCIII. Xianghua cared for his wounds but since he wouldn't wake up, she took him to Edgemaster, the only form of family she could think that he had. She then took off to train, her lack of ability to protect Kilik haunting her mind. Kilik is constantly on her mind, so I think its very obvious that she loves him. She was so troubled that she trained way too hard, only focusing on her body's strength. Her instructor told her to train her heart and that her heart was allowed to "waver on the battlefield." So it seems now she has accepted that her feelings (friendly and/or romantic) can be shown on the battlefield. Perhaps next time if they face off she will not be so detached.

However whither or not his feelings toward her are romantic is mostly unknown. While Kilik's story in Soul Calibur III is available, I don't see much sign of how he feels for Xianghua. He discovers that she had taken care of him before bringing him to Edgemaster and had gone to train. Xianghua had left him a note stating she was training and to go on without her, except that "and next time let's put an end to all of this. I believe in us. I know that we can do it, if we're together...". So even though she tells him to go ahead, she implies that she wants to be there with him when he or she ends the evil in the world for good. Kilik seems more devoted to his duty in his SCIII story so far and in Xianghua's ending he seems clueless that shes in love with him.

While in his ending if you catch Xianghua, I think he realizes her feelings, however he dosen't quite say if he loves her or not, he just says he wants her to stay with him, traveling wise. Xianghua seems to understand and says she wouldn't want him to change.

There is also another possibility as to why he would not express feelings toward her. Kilik grew up in a temple, he was solely focused on training and receiving the Kali-Yuga. Love is not something found in a temple, so I would think that love is a very strange and foreign thing, if he does have feelings, he's probably not sure how to act on them or how to express them. He sees her feelings in his ending, and he seems hesitant. So I would think its because he's not quite sure how to express himself. So for now, Kilik's mutual feelings are not known 100%.

So who knows, maybe in Soul Calibur 4 we will know for sure =/. I just feel sorry for poor Xianghua because she tries so hard.

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