Xianghua was born to a single mother in Ming Dynasty, China on April 2nd. Xianghua never knew her father, nor would her mother tell her of him. Her mother was a very skilled fighter in the Ling-Sheng Su style of Tai Chi Jian and taught her daughter from an early age. When She was ten, her mother passed away, leaving the Ling-Shen Su Temple's Krita-Yuga in Xianghua's in her possession. However at the time, Xianghua did not know it was the legendary weapon. After her mother's death Xianghua began to train more vigorously and eventually became part of the Imperial Guard, like her mother.

The Emperor became displeased with lack of progress in the search of "The Hero's Sword" when he heard nothing back from the people he had sent, such as Li Long. So he created another group to go search for it. Xianghua was selected to be part of this group, and they were to disguise themselves as a traveling opera troupe as they searched for it.

Along her journey, she allied with the Japanese Pirate and Kilik, a member of the Ling-Sheng Su temple after learning of the Sword's evil nature. Kilik, Maxi and her eventually stormed

Ostrheinsburg Castle where the possessor of the sword, Nightmare, was. They were met with the obstacle of Astaroth at the gate and Maxi decided to fight him. Kilik and Xianghua went on ahead to fight Nightmare and Kilik managed to defeat him. Inferno soon appeared, however Kilik could not fight him for he was badly injured, so Xianghua stepped in to fight him.

Xianghua's Krita-Yuga took on the form of the holy sword Soul Calibur, and she plunged it into Inferno's chest, defeating him. Her sword was destroyed in the process however.

However word got to the Emperor that she had disobeyed orders and destroyed the "Hero's Sword" and quickly fell into disfavor with him. She was demoted to a menial position because of this. Four years later word reached her that The Emperor had stormed Xiwei in the Western Ming Territory in search of the Soul Edge, claiming that they had hidden it from him. When the guards of Xiwei killed his envoy he sent an army there to find the Soul Edge in the fortress there. The Fortress in Xiwei was left in ruins and no sign of the legendary sword. Soon after this incident, the Emperor summoned her to him and asked for her knowledge on it.

Xianghua thought that she had destroyed the evil sword but soon found otherwise, that the sword was still in the world in fragments. She soon left on another journey afterwards, in hopes to destroy once and for all. Along her path, she ran into Kilik, who was also after the sword, after defeating him in battle she told him that she had to what she came to do and fought against inferno and won. After defeating Inferno once more, Xianghua was reuinited with her sword the Krita-Yuga.

Shortly after destroying Inferno once more, her and Kilik faced up against a man with a scythe in a village where her and Kilik had been purifying people. Kilik was badly injured in the process. The Man with the Scythe paid no attention to her and when he had defeated Kilik, he left. Xianghua, in tears, knew none of Kilik's family or if he had any, so she took him to Edgemaster, so that he could heal. Under Edgemaster's guidance she went to a friend of his, a Retired Military General who was residing in China. At this time she could have been arrested for running away from the Imperial Guard and Military but the General sheltered her. She stayed at the Generals' place for awhile and started to train more vigorously, hoping to get better then she was before.

Her ordeal with Inferno and Kilik being injured left Xianghua troubled, she was training to hard on her strength and not focusing on her soul. She was troubled that her skills were not enough anymore, and after some words from the General, started training her heart as well as her body. She then decided her heart would be like water, allowing in everything without resistance. That it was ok for the heart to waver on the battlefield.

After training for a long time she felt that she had greatly improved under the General's instruction. Her skills and heart had renewed energy. She left after a few months and thanked the general. As she left she decided to head back west, in hopes to show Kilik how her skills had improved.

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