FAMILY -- Tragic Past

Chai Xiangfei
Chai Xiangfei was Xianghua's mother. She was sent to the Lian-Sheng Su temple by her father to learn the art of swordplay, known as the "Ling-Sheng Su Style Jian". She became very skilled with the Tai Chi Jian and was much more skilled then the male monks of the temple. She was eligible to receive the Temple's treasure the Krita-Yuga, however because she was female she could not receive it. After her father passed away she started to study even harder and fell in love with a fellow monk named Kong Xiuquiang. Their love was forbidden for the inheritor of a bo staff, the Kali-Yuga, had to remain celibate so he wouldn't stray from the "truth path". Xiangfei soon gave birth to a bastard child, a daughter that she named Xianglian. The birth of her daughter exposed her and Xiuqiang's love affair and the monks took their daughter away when she was two. Xiangfei soon left out of grief with the sacred sword the Krita-Yuga, with the help of Xiuquian and Dongxiu. Xiangfei soon realized after she left that she was pregnant again and she never told Xiuquian so he could continue his training. After giving birth to her 2nd daughter, Xianghua, she entered the Imperial Guard of the Ming Emperor with Krita-Yuga and lived with her family. She never told Xianghua about her father, her sister, or her lineage. Xiangfei died when Xianghua was ten, passing on the Krita-Yuga to her.

Kong Xiuquiang
Xiuquiang was Xianghua's father. Kong Xiuquiang was a monk training at the Lian-Sheng Su temple alongside Chai Xiangfei when he fell in love with her. He was one of the top candidates to receive one of the temple's treasures, the bo staff called the Kali-Yuga. However because of his love affair with Xiangfei his chances to receive were pushed back. Xiuquiang brought the Krita-Yuga to Xiangfei as she left the temple, for he felt she had rightfully earned it, but also as a sign that they'd meet again. Xiuquiang continued to train until the monks noticed the Krita-Yuga was gone. They instantly suspected him and he was kicked out of the temple, never to return. This left a young Xianglian, his and Xiangfei's first daughter, an orphan in the temple. He made a trip to the Chai household however Xiangfei's family told him to please leave. He never knew about his 2nd daughter Xianghua.

Chai Xianglian
Xianglian was Xianghua's older and unknown sister. She was the first born to Xiangfei and Xiuquiang. When her father was kicked out of the temple, she became an orphan and started training there. It was there she met Kilik, and orphan like herself. The both studied hard and they were soon selected to be given the two temple treasures, the Kali-Yuga and the Dvapara-Yuga. She inherited the Dvapara-Yuga for showing selflessness, a characteristic for earning it. On the night of the ceremony, the Evil Seed rained down on the temple, seeing this immediately, the elders gave the Yugas to Xianglian and Kilik. Everyone except Xianglian started to go insane, killing each other. Kilik killed many monks and Xianglian quickly realized the Dvapara-Yuga (a mirror) was protecting her from the seed. She quickly threw it onto Kilik and he regained his sanity. By doing this, Xianglian was now prone to the seed and soon turned mad herself. Kilik tried to leave the temple by Xianglian blocked his way, attacking him. He tried not to hurt her but he ended up killing her in self-defense. Him and Xianglian were like siblings, and its never revealed to him or Xianghua that Xianglian was her sister.

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