People with Type B blood are very practical. They know just what to do in any project. They always know when to start and when to stop, and spend extra time to try to understand the way something must be done. They focus all of their attention on the task at hand. They are very goal-oriented, and will follow something through until the end, even if it seems impossible. They would rather excel in things than just be average. They do tend to become so involved in one thing that they can sometimes neglect other things. Type B people are very curious, and interested in a variety of activities, but may sometimes end up with too many interests and hobbies. They do, however, have a good sense of which interests are the most important. They are full of enthusiasm and energy, but they pay attention to their thoughts more than their feelings, and may seem very serious or even cold. They are the most individualistic, and often want to follow their own rules and their own ideas. They are more unconventional than others, but not to an unacceptable degree. B is most compatible with B and AB.

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