Name: No Name (1P & 2P)
Obtaining (SC2): Default weapon
Obtaining (SC3): Default weapon
Info: After the fight with Soul Edge four years ago, an old man carrying this nameless sword paid a visit to Xianghua. he referred to himself as a master swordsman and gave this sword to Xianghua as thanks for stopping Soul Edge, then immediately left again for parts unknown. It is an exceedingly well- balanced weapon.
Abilities: None

Name: Kard
Obtaining (SC2): Buy for 600 in Weapon Master.
Obtaining (SC3): Available in shop for 12400.
Info: A Persian short sword shaped like a kitchen knife. It entered into use in the Mughal Empire in India starting in the sixteenth century and eventually became the most commonly used short sword in the Empire. Its small size means that it does not deliver enormous damage, but it is easy to score hits upon the opponent.
Abilities (SC2): Strong single strikes with soul charge but lacks offense.
Abilities (SC3): High attack power and ability to push enemies back.

Name: Northern Star
Obtaining (SC2): Buy for 900 in Weapon Master
Obtaining (SC3): Reach 4th stage of Tale of Souls, buy in shop for 26800.
Info: A magic short sword bearing some special markings. Some ships' crews use this sword to ritually carve a star into the mast of their ship as a prayer for safe sailing. Its sharp point makes it good for attacking, but it is not suited for defensive use.
Abilities (SC2): Strong single strikes but loses balance easily.
Abilities (SC3): Goes past enemy's defense and guard impact sometimes.

Name: Soul Calibur (Evil)
Obtaining (SC2):
Info: After being exposed to the poisonous evil of Soul Edge for an extended period of time, Soul Calibur was eventually taken over by the cursed sword. This form of Soul Calibur contains great power, but it is incredibly unstable.
Abilities: Attack power increases with Soul Charge but slowly drains life.

Name: Kopis
Obtaining (SC2): Buy for 1600 in Weapon Master
Obtaining (SC3): Reach 7th stage of Tale of Souls, buy in shop for 39000.
Info: An ancient Grecian sword used extensively throughout the Mediterranean coast. Its curved blade can penetrate an opponent's defense and successfully deliver damage. In general, those that exist today are all ancient artifacts and in no shape to be used as weapons, but there are still some like this one that are in good condition.
Abilities (SC2): Goes past enemy's defense but has short reach.
Abilities (SC3): Guard impact's some attacks and will also damage the enemy sometimes.

Name: Qi Xing Sword
Obtaining (SC2): Buy for 2200 in Weapon Master
Info: A treasured sword said to have been used by a sage who lived in the sacred mountains of Kunlun in China. It is said that he used the sword as part of a ritual to prepare elixirs of immortality. The 'Qi Xing (Seven Stars)' of its name refers to the seven stars of the big dipper, said to govern death. Since it is not really a weapon it doesn't inflict much damage, but it has great resistive power against an enemy blade.
Abilities: Powerful single strikes and long reach but lacks offense and defense.

Name: Krita Yuga
Obtaining (SC2): Buy for 3000 in Weapon Master
Info: One of the three treasures of the Ling-Sheng Su Temple. It is said that it changes form based on its surroundings. It was lost into a void during the battle with Soul Edge four years ago. According to legend, it fills its wielder with overflowing vitality.
Abilities: Health recovers with Soul Charge.

Name: Blue Storm
Obtaining (SC2): Buy for 4000 in Weapon Master.
Info: A Tang dynasty Chinese long sword passed down as a family treasure through members of the Seung Family in Korea. It was carried by Korea's greatest hero on his first quest for Soul Edge and aided him greatly on his journey. It saw a number of battles along the way and is now somewhat worn.
Abilities: Has good offense and long reach but vulnerable to impact.

Name: Soul Edge (Complete)
Obtaining (SC2): Buy for 7800 in Weapon Master.
Info: An evil blade with a reputation for devouring souls. This weapon is also known to be a shape-shifter - which form it takes depends on its current owner. The forms it has taken are legendary, as are the souls of the renowned warriors it has consumed. Only those with great mental discipline can retain their will while wielding this weapon. It increases its cutting power by enhancing and then devouring the spirit of its wielder.
Abilities: Power increases with Soul Charge

Name: Soul Calibur
Obtaining (SC2): Buy for 9800 in Weapon Master
Obtaining (SC3): Purchase all previous weapons and complete Tale of Souls. Buy in shop for 85200.
Info: The spirit sword that has fought countless battles against Soul Edge behind the scenes of history, unbeknownst to man. It reacts to those of pure heart and gives its wielder the power to counter darkness. Just like the dark sword, it can change its form. It is the true form of the Krita-Yuga. It is a blessed blade that fills its wielder with power and strikes at the forces of evil.
Abilities (SC2): Unknown
Abilities (SC3): High attack power and health gradually goes up.

Name: Calligraphy Brush (筆; fude)
Obtaining (SC2): Buy for 12500 in Weapon Master
Obtaining (SC3): Get "Great" in Turntable (Normal) in Soul Arena, buy in store for 20500.
Info: A tool for writing letters with ink. Among members of the Chai Family in China, well-known for the number of successful military men it has produced, there is a story of a Chai ancestor that once fought off an assassin with a brush such as this one. It's not really a weapon, but perhaps that will cause opponents to let down their guard.
Abilities (SC2): Decreased attack power and makes noise when swung
Abilities (SC3): Makes an odd noise when swung.

Name: The Ancient
Obtaining (SC3): Defeat Olcadan in Tale of Souls, buy in store for 15000
Abilities: None

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