Both Swords the Krita-Yuga and No Name are Xianghua's default weapons. They both also happen to be the same kind of sword, a Jian. Its also called a Tai Chi Jian. A Jian is a double edged sword that has been used in China for about 2,500 years now. It has also been used in other Asian countries under different names such as "geom" (Korean), "ken" (Japanese) and "Kiem" (Vietnamese). Jians are about .45 to .8 meters in length and have an average weight of 700g. There are also two-handed variations of the Jian used in Chinese Martial Arts. Jians are usually the weapon of the hero in marital arts in China as well.

A Jian has a hilt or sometimes called a guard, to protect the user's hand from another blade. Behind the hilt is the handle. At the end of the handle there is a pommel which are usually rounded on jians, the pommel is a small weight usually to help balance the weapon as well. Often times from the pommel, a tassel was attached. They had several different reasonings for this. Sometimes the tassel was there for mere decoration, it could also be there just to distract opponents. In earlier times, the tassel had wires worked into it so that when someone was came in contact with the tassel in battle they would get cut by it.

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