STRATEGY -- Take 'em Down

I'm not very good at devising strategies. lol. Cause sometimes I'm just cheap with Xianghua if I start to lose in the Arcade or Tale of Souls, etc. But I'll list the advantages to playing as her.

Xianghua is considered a top-tier character in the Soul series by fans. Which means thats she's a highly successful character thats used a lot in fighting game tournaments. The reason is because Xianghua has a lot of range in her fighting style. Not only is she quick but she can deliver damaging combos. Aside from that she also has a wide range of fast hits from low to mid. She also has a lot of cancels and "safe" pokes, even showing her wide range with her throws. It would seem as though she has no glaring weakness other then her going up against someone who is faster or stronger. But overall, Xianghua is a very balanced character, although some fans like to say she has too many advantages.

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