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Soul Calibur:
I honestly can't remember the name of this stage ^^;. This is Xianghua's stage in Soul Calibur. When you play at it the song "Bloom & Harvest" is on. the level just shows a temple like thing, and a few buildings. Lotus' are everywhere and the platform you fight on is on water. I believe that Xianghua's stage in SCIII was based on this.

Soul Calibur II:
This is the Xiwei ruins. It used to be a lovely and strong fortress before the Emperor stormed it thinking they were hiding Soul Edge from him. They destroyed the place and did not find the sword. Xianghua came there to investigate the rumors of the Emperor storming there and found them to be true. In the background you can see places burning, etc.

Soul Calibur III:
This is the Lotus Gardens. After the injury of Kilik, Xianghua came her to train her under a retired Military General. This was a place built for the Emperor but he very rarely came, so now it is a park opened to the public. Xianghua trains her in secret and only General knows she is here aside from Edgemaster. The level is very similar to her Soul Calibur one. a Temple/Building with lots of lotus' around, and you fight on a platform thats in the middle on the water. Intrestingly Enough, the design on the platform kinda reminds me of the one on the floor in Yunsung and Seung-Mina's stage.

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