these are things Xianghua says. The English and Japanese versions of what she says are fairly close (although the English has stuff like "got ya!" and "dummy" >.>;;). So i will just be posting what she says in the Japanese version.

Soul Calibur II:
You think you can keep up with me?
OK, time to say your prayers!
Are you sure you want to fight?
Come and get me! Go me!
You're going to regret this!
Last chance if you want to quit!
We live in a dangerous world!
Looks like we got ourselves a fight!
Don't worry, it'll be over soon.
I guess there's no turning back!
Show me what you've got!
I'm not going to hold back!
Don't cry, okay?
It won't hurt that much.
Last chance to apologize!
Justice will prevail! Just kidding!
Not bad, huh?
How did you like my deadly skills?
Hope you have a long life! Just kidding!
How did you like that?
I said no mercy!
How's that?
Do you want more?
You asked for it!
How was that?
I said no mercy!
Thanks, that was fun!
We live in a dangerous world.
That was great!
That's that.
You can't believe it? Too bad for you!
How was that? I said no mercy!
That wasn't enough?!
I'll get you this time!
Get out of my way, Kilik!
Evil must be destroyed!
What you're trying to do is too dangerous!
How about... ...this?!
You're mine!
I got you!
Here's another!
It's useless!
Don't even think you can dodge this!
How's this?
Tricked you!
You didn't expect that, did you?
Just kidding!

Soul Calibur III: coming soon.

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