Destroyed Hometown

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Final Fantasy XIII-2

    Just as the light begins to fade to dark 
    The moaning wind sings songs to my forebodings 
    Am I alone with no one watching o'er 
    If I do fall will no one come to save me 

    Oh cursed fate eternally 
    Delivering your doom 
    But know true hope is born 
    My faith is stronger than your agonies 
    Hope survives your pain 

    Though Prophecies foretell us of the End 
    It doesn't mean that we have to believe them 
    Hope's burdens weigh me down oh this is true 
    But they bring life that truly does sustain me 

    I'll conquer time, defeat it 
    I'll change the past, my future 
    If any Gods are listening 
    Answer my prayers