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Eternal Fellows
  1. Eternal Fellows (Natsu)
  2. Wings of Liberty (Erza)
  3. METALLIC KISS (Gajeel)
  4. Have a nice day (Happy and Carla)
  5. Amazing Blessings (Wendy)
  6. TRUE PRIDE (Gray)
  7. Nichijou Sanka ~This Place~ (Lucy)
Kizuna Darou
  1. Kizuna Darou (Natsu)
  2. Scarlett (Erza)
  3. Naked Dream (Gray)
  4. Together Forever (Wendy and Carla)
  5. My Iron Blues (Gajeel)
  6. Happy Holiday (Lucy)
  7. I'm always fully open (Natsu and Happy)

Intro & Outro Themes vol. 1
  1. Snow Fairy by FUNKIST
  2. Kanpekigu no ne by Watarirouka Hashiritai
  3. S.O.W ~Sense of Wonder~ by Idoling!!!
  4. Tsuioku Merry-Go-Round by onelifecrew
  5. Ft. by FUNKIST
  6. Gomen ne Watashi by Nanba Shiho
  7. R.P.G.〜Rockin' Playing Game by SuG
  8. Kimi ga Iru Kara by Shimokawa Mikuni
  9. Egao no Mahou by Magic Party
  10. HOLY SHINE by Daisy×Daisy
Intro & Outro Themes Vol. 2
  1. Fiesta by +Plus
  2. Be As One by w-inds
  3. Evidence by Daisy×Daisy
  4. Lonely Person by ShaNa
  5. The Rock City Boy by Jamil
  6. Don't think. Feel!!! by Idoling!!!
  7. Towa no Kizuna by Daisy×Daisy feat. Another Infinity
  8. Kono Te Nobashite by Hi-Fi CAMP


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