Birth Name: Kyushima Misachi (久嶋美さち)
Stage Name: Asuka Riri (飛鳥李哩), MisaChi
Birthdate: November 26, 1980
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Nichinan, Miyazaki, Japan
Blood type: B
Skills: Folk Singing, Sewing, Hairdressing
Hobbies: Going for walks, sky watching, reading in the bathtub
Favorite movies: Ray, Amy
Favorite artists: Joan Osborne, Fiona Apple, India Arie, Ray Charles, Kelly Clarkson, Onitsuka Chihiro
Favorite writers: Hirose Yuuko, Takeuchi Megumi, Takahashi Ayumu
Admired places: New York (Broadway), Brazil, Mount Fuji


Kyushima Misachi was born November 26th, 1980 in the Miyazaki prefecture of Japan. Despite her now strong sounding voice, Misachi had very weak lungs as a child due to bad asthma. When her parents read in the newspaper that folk music is good for asthma, they encouraged her to start singing. Misachi loved living in Miyazaki for its scenery and was soon singing to the mountain by her home daily.

Participating in contests throughout her school life, Misachi won first place in 6th year elementary and first year junior high. By the time she was in high school, Misachi was fully devoted to folk music. After high school ended, Misachi was 18 and working as a beautician. Whenever the stress of work got to her, she would sing to herself and feel better. The one thing she wanted to do before she died was sing so that everybody could hear her voice. She quit work at 21 and became a street performer in Miyazaki.

Misachi moved from Miyazaki to Tokyo at 23 to begin her professional solo music career. Now in her mid-20s, her age has been brought up in interviews. Most solo artists nowadays are all around the 20-mark, and if they are older they normally play an instrument for a rock band. Misachi doesn't care, because her one dream is to sing and she finds age to be meaningless.

Misachi was signed to Dreamusic and quickly released her debut single "Missing You" in 2005. A Kelly Clarkson inspired song, it was well recieved among those who listened. However this release and future ones would not chart. Releasing one more single, Misachi would release her debut album "Vibrato". Late 2006 and Early 2007 saw the quiet released of her single "Ihoujin" and her mini-album "Kinu no Michi."

Late 2007 did not see much activity for Misachi. It is said she spent a lot of it traveling and finding herself. However in July 2008, Misachi was dropped by Dreamusic and changed her stage name to Asuka Riri. She did not released anything under this stage name but in 2009 put up a an official myspace that still has a few songs up.

Around 2010, her official site as Asuka Riri went down and appears she changed her stage name to MisaChi. She made three more releases (so quiet I only recently found out about them!) in 2011 and 2012. So while her musical status may not be entirely known, there is as least some hope for more releases! Misachi does seem to update her ameblo blog quite often.

As always, Misachi wants everyone to go forward with your dreams, no matter how scared and lonely you might be, because the rewards will be self-satisfying.

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