Tower of Heaven

Free from Phantom Lord and now an independent mage, Juvia seeks out membership to Fairy Tail to be closer to Gray. This covers Juvia story up to the end of the Tower of Heaven arc.

With Phantom lord losing its war against Fairy Tail, her guild is disbanded by the Magic Council. Leaving Juvia an independent mage, she decides to seek out Gray because he changed her life. She goes so far as to follow Team Natsu to Akane resort where they are on vacation. Here she tries to ask Gray about joining Fairy Tail but is cut short by an attack on the Casino. Simon, a Dark Mage searching for Erza Scarlet uses his Shadow Magic to make the room go black. Intending to injure people as they are panicked, Juvia quickly hides Gray inside her water body. Simon attacks the clone of Gray he made from ice before leaving the area.

Without really thinking, Juvia tags along with Team Natsu to rescue Erza & Happy from the Tower of Heaven. They are able to get inside through an underwater passage, with the help of Juvia's small Water Locks. They are soon reunited with Erza who orders them to leave. Refusing on multiple occasions, Erza finally gives in and decides to tells her past of how she was a former slave in the Tower of Heaven. Her friends, the people who kidnapped her intend to use her as a sacrifice to revive the Dark Mage Zeref. They are approached by Simon, who reveals his true intentions to stop Jellal and they join forces.

The group decides to split up and while Juvia wanted to go with Gray, she ended up with Lucy. As the girls progress they bump into Vidaldus Taka, one of the members of Trinity Raven. The battle starts initially as a draw. His hair does no damage to Juvia and Taka's hair is able to absorb her water attacks. Turning the tables, Taka casts Rock of Succubus on Juvia, transforming her into his slave. Juvia is forced to fight Lucy in a mostly one-sided battle, but Juvia's voice manages to reach Lucy. She doesn't want to hurt Lucy or Fairy Tail, she wants to be accepted. Lucy promises Juvia that she will be accepted by Fairy Tail and uses Juvia body to summon Aquarius. Juvia and Lucy then grab each other's hands and perform a Unison Raid against Taka; being defeated. After the battle, the girls agree to be friends.

Juvia and Lucy are later found by Erza's old friends and they rush to exit the tower. Despite Erza and Natsu being inside, the council plans to blow the tower up. They find a boat and make it out to the ocean forced to watch as the tower is hit by Etherion. Juvia and the others watch from afar as Natsu defeats Jellal and destroys the tower, and is happy to see that him and Erza escaped safe and sound. As Team Natsu prepred to head back to the guild they discovered Juvia was gone. She headed to Fairy Tail on her own to meet Makarov and ask him for guild membership.

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