Here we learn about S-Class mages, what it takes to be them and where Juvia fares among her peers. How powerful is she? Will she ever reclaim her title?

What's S-Class? How Do You Get It?

As mentioned in the guild section, there is a hierarchy in most guilds. It goes as such: Guild Leader, S-Class Mages and then regular mages and non-mage members. S-Class mages dont just boast powerful magic, they are the only ones able to accept S-Class jobs and able to earn lots of Jewels. There is no reward without risk however, many S-Class jobs are dangerous (life-threatening even) and some jobs last many years.

The process for the Phantom Lord guild is unknown but as for Fairy Tail we do know this: Makarov chooses eight candidates every year to compete for the right to be an S-Class Mage. The location and tests have varied year to year but it often requires fighting with both your body and your mind. The more recent test took place on Tenrou Island, Fairy Tail's sacred resting place for Mavis Vermillion. One of the puzzles was using your wits to find Mavis' grave.

Juvia's Stature

How did Juvia come to be an S-Class mage? Mashima has never really revealed the answer to that question. In Phantom Lord both she and Gajeel were S-Class mages. Juvia was powerful enough to even join an elite team titled the Element 4. Jose would have had to been the one to grant her these privileges and he saw great power in her.

With Phantom Lord defeated though, Juvia had to go back to being an independent mage and with that, lost her S-Class status. While she joined Fairy Tail, she would have to wait for another S-Class trial to come up in order to compete. Juvia was actually rather shocked she was picked as a candidate alongside Gray, Natsu, Freed, Elfman, Levy, Wendy and Cana. Its also rather interesting to note that Gajeel was not selected despite being S-Class before like Juvia. Just being selected as a candidate proves the power and potential Makarov sees in her.

"She's like a totally different person than the one I fought during the exam. Her strong feelings for her loved one become her strength... this is Juvia's true power." - Erza

Sadly Juvia and her trial partner Lisanna were ultimately defeated by Erza and eliminated from the trial. The results of the trial were also canceled due to Grimoire Heart & Acnologia attacking. Despite failing the trial, Juvia has proven to be a very powerful mage, surprising even Erza during her fight against Meredy. If Juvia had used her emotions as her strength in all her battles, I'm sure she could have defeated Erza during the trial. Also having a better partner would have helped.... If Juvia did become an S-Class mage, I have a sneaking suspicion Juvia wouldn't really use the benefits of it unless Gray was.

Juvia would also demonstrate the strength of her magic by winning the Grand Magic games and defeating Keith. Speaking of the Grand Magic Games... all participants were given profiles in the Sorcerer Weekly by Jason. While he may not have the best judgement in the world, he does seem to have a knack for people. COOOOOOOOL!! Here is her profile:

Attack: 3/5
Defense: 5/5
Speed: 4/5
Intelligence: 3/5
Love Unrequitedness: 6/5