Childhood & Pre-Guild

Wanting to be normal and fitting in... it is something Juvia has struggled with in her past since childhood. This covers Juvia's history up until she joined the Phantom Lord guild.

Juvia was born in the year X767 and spent most of her childhood being teased and isolated. Her rain magic could not be controlled and so it rained wherever she went. In an attempt to ease the rain, she took to crafting teru teru bozu dolls and hanging them outside her house. What was meant to help only made things worse, not only did the rain not stop, she was teased even further by her peers. The more depressed she got, the harder it became to control her magic. In turn the less control she had, the more depressed she became. It was a vicious cycle.

As she grew older, she would continue to hear people complain about the rain around her. Each time she grew more isolated and more depressed. As time went on, people left her side. Bora would be among such people to leave her due to hating the rain. At this point she was approached by a man named Jose Porla, the guild master of Phantom Lord to join him. Had she finally been accepted for who she was?

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