Juvia Lockser

While searching for the meaning of Juvia, I came across some rather interesting things. The official meaning of her name comes for the Spanish word "Lluvia", meaning Rain. Makes sense right? Its derived from the Old Spanish words lluuia & lluvia, which in turn is based on the Latin word pluvia. I found it interesting that in all the languages to take the Latin word, only Spanish and Asturian changed the p to a ll. Wondering how the that double L translated over to a J in Japanese? pretty simple, the double ll is pronounced as a J! As a small factoid, Juvia is apparently also a Brazilian word for the myrtaceous tree, a tree which is known to produce Brazilian nuts.

Her last name of Lockser is slightly hard to pinpoint. Mashima Hiro has never really mentioned the meaning or inspiration behind it. Looking at the word lock at face value, it means "make or become rigidly fixed or immovable". I also wonder if sometimes its a reference to her "locking" onto people. Primarily Gray and then secondly Fairy Tail. However, this is just my random observation.

Ser is an even tougher nut to crack. Normally I would assume Ser is being used as a suffix root, which can mean "serum" or "serous". However those don't really seem to make sense in terms of Juvia. Ser is used and derived from the Latin "essere", which in turn is a vulgarized version of esse. Esse means "I am" or "exist" in Latin. From this, Ser has become a verb meaning "to be" in many languages including: Asturian, Galician, Mirandese, Spanish and Portuguese. If this were combined with the meaning Lock I could see it making sense in terms of Juvia.

Looking at her last name as a whole i could see it as "being locked" or to "to be locked". Combined with Juvia maybe a meaning of "To be locked to water" can be taken from this? I have noticed she has a spell called Water Lock but I don't know if that's intentional on Mashima's part.

Name Analysis

Anytime i have made a tribute to a character, i have made a stop at this website. Kabalarian Philosophy... they give out an analysis on who you are based on your first name. Sometimes i find interesting details, other times things that are way off base. However, I feel it gives an interesting perspective on the characters i am admiring. I will bold anything i find to be somewhat truthful. Here is what they have to say about Juvia:

Your name of Juvia has created the desire to focus on the details of your immediate interests to the extent that others consider you to be fussy. Instead of establishing the system and order you would like, you are over-particular in some things that matter to you personally but lax and indulgent in other ways. You place great importance on whatever you happen to be interested in, and can be quite thorough and detailed in what you are doing, but find it difficult to be consistent. You have intense urges and feelings for which you can find no expression. You scatter your efforts when things becomes too monotonous. At times you are motivated more by moods and desires than by sound logic and reason, and under conditions of stress you could react inadvertently in temper or stubbornness that you would regret later. The indulgences prompted by this name can lead to high blood pressure and its relative ailments, as well as nervous tension affecting the whole nervous system. You are attracted to, and could excel in, the mechanical or technical fields, such as computers.

Just for fun I decided to put in the name Lluvia to see if anything different would pop up:

Your first name of Lluvia has made you desire system and order and to progress step by step, yet you are taken into new experiences, turmoil, and change and rarely can you fully complete an undertaking to your satisfaction. You are extremely analytical and sometimes critical of both others and of yourself, and must guard against sarcastic speech and temper. At times you feel torn between your desire for system and order, and your need for change and new experiences. You do not accept new ideas readily and do not appreciate unsolicited advice. You tend to be impulsive and could attract accidents as a result. The opposing forces in your nature affect your nervous system, causing tension in the solar plexus, indigestion, ulcers, or growths, and moods of depression. You have not found the happiness nor the settled conditions you desire.