Here you will find a very brief section on the music related to Juvia. To date, Juvia really only has had one theme song. While other main characters get different themes, battle music and even different magical move themes, Juvia's seems to be lumped all into one.

Juvia of the Great Sea

When I was first in the process of making this site, I hadn't gotten my hands on the Fairy Tail soundtracks yet. So i was fairly certain that Juvia didn't have a theme. Each character seemed to have a notable component in the music that was accompanying them. Natsu had bagpipes, Gray had guitars & rock music, Erza had this sort of dark yet powerful pipe organ and chanting. Juvia's theme is a sort of mixed bag of things:

Titled Juvia of the Great Sea (大海のジュビア), it can be found on Disc 2 of Fairy Tail Original Soundtrack Vol. 4 as track 15. Clocking in at around 1:54, it's about the same length as other character themes. To my knowledge it has only been used twice: its debut was during her fight with Meredy and more recently when Juvia knocked people out in the Grand Naval battle. The beginning of the track starts off slow and rather dark, it fact it reminds me of the dark guilds. @_@ From there it's a mixed bag of things: we got bagpipes, guitars and rock....and pipe organ? Sounds familiar right? Should be, because everyone else's "it" factor to their theme song is in hers.

Opinion: While I am glad Juvia got her own theme song, i'm a little sad it has so many other elements of the other mages' themes. In general I can say yes "this sounds like a song from fairy tail", however it doesn't scream "Juvia" at me right away. I really wanted to hear a specific sound or even instrument designed to represent Juvia. This may be a song...but the other mages have more then that, they got leitmotifs. This is not a leitmotif.

Vocal Song

Before knowing of her theme, i had originally planned on having a page of theme songs that I had picked for her. I also though of an essay on why i was annoyed that Juvia didn't get a vocal theme song...because lets face it: she has earned one. She does have a theme though, and i do have theme songs picked out. What about the essay? Well, I feel it would be too personal or short to fit in the "depth" section, so i've added simple things here. Mainly just a list of reasons:

  1. The other prominently featured female characters get one! (Erza, Lucy, Wendy & Carla)
  2. Gajeel gets one...? His seiyuu is not the best singer (still like his songs though)
  3. On that subject, i don't think Erza's seiyuu is the best singer either.
  4. It's not like Nakahara Mai cant sing or anything =/

Based off of past singing work I could see Juvia having a soft or laid back pop song. Or maybe a ballad about Gray-sama? lol.