The Journey

I like to think of this section of the tribute as a few things: the typical "why" section, how it was started off as and lastly, just a way to talk about things in more then just a few sentences kind of way.

The Origins & Adventure

Back in 2011 or so I noticed that Juvia did not have a fanlisting listed over at animefanlistings. I decided to remedy that by applying...and getting approved. A fanlisting was put up with the name "Capricious Rain Woman" and while it had a small about section I was never truly satisfied with the info there. I had made Capricious Rain Woman before knowing of the Fairy Tail wiki and just in general felt there was not much character information on Fairy Tail despite it being a large series alongside other big name titles (Bleach, Naruto, Once Piece).

Fast forward to Winter of 2014 and I was browsing my domain and looking for potential fix-up projects. Juvia jumped out almost immediately and I made the layout you see now. It kinda sat there for awhile though, with its old title, waiting for some kind of motivation. I wanted to shrine again but i felt discouraged, because so many places with knowledge have popped up nowadays. Wikias, Blogs, tumblrs, Facebook fan name it. At one point over the years i had someone say to me "what's the point in shrining anymore? They can find everything you write elsewhere."

In late Spring of 2014 however, i was fortunate to stumble upon Amassment. Not only were they warm and welcoming, they were very encouraging. It was a big inspirational injection to the arm. It made me really want to work on Juvia again, to show them what i had to offer. It was rather amazing for me that in the Summer of 2014 they announced their Blast From the Past Challenge. With several different categories underneath it i decided to apply with Juvia in the following: Girl Mode and Fanlisting to Shrine. Since then I have changed the name and i've been working on this slowly but surely.

The deadline is January 2015 and I sincerely hope I make it in time. They made shrining for me personal again and I think I can safely say that Rain Is a Blessing is one of my babies now. I hope to make both myself and my fellow Amassment members proud with this submission.

Why Juvia?

I'll be honest, when first watching Fairy Tail, Cana was one of the first female characters to stick out to me (aside from Erza & Lucy), not Juvia. I thought she was a cool villain and when she resurfaced, I didn't think i was going to like her. I enjoyed her presence in the Tower of Heaven and Fighting Festival arc. I found her need to be accepted endearing and easy to empathize with. Juvia was completely missing from the Oracion Seis arc and then the Daphne arc started. I knew it was filler so i opted out of watching it and dived into the manga. Juvia was mostly missing from the Edolas arc as well so i kinda forgot about her for awhile. Those arc lasted a long time. When the Tenrou Island arc started up again, i started rewatching the anime as well. Juvia immediately caught my eye.

i'm unsure if it's because i had a small break from her but to see her again with a fresh pair of eyes was nice. I also saw Tenrou Island arc as what put her back onto the Fairy Tail map, bot in terms of her character and her power. I love the idea that your love and feelings are what drive you and make you powerful. Juvia is powerful, but she will unleash all of her potential on you only if have hurt her loved ones. It reminds me a lot of my big family. :) For me her fight with Meredy was the point at which i said "i'm a fan. i love her". I'm unsure why exactly beyond my first viewing of it and saying "oh shit. now you've done it. she snapped."

Beyond that scene though, it really did just make me go back and rewatch/reread all Juvia related content. I found her strength of character and perseverance amazing. She truly loves to just love people and it's amazing to see that despite the way she was treated growing up. She really makes me want to root for her. Beyond that, i do have other more simple, silly reasons as to why i love her:

  1. She is overemotional and has an overactive imagination (like me!)
  2. I love the comedic situations she brings to the already funny series
  3. I love the color blue a lot >.>;
  4. I also love water and water/ice magic a lot (shiva & blizzard spells from FF are my fav)
  5. I feel like she would be a Pisces like me XD