Grand Magic Games

Gone for seven years and so much has changed. Juvia decides to help Fairy Tail reclaim their former glory...but is that all thats at stake? This covers up to the end of the Grand Magic Games arc.

Seven years has passed and Juvia and the rest of the Fairy Tail guild finally resurface with Tenrou Island. Upon their homecoming, Juvia is quickly noticed by Lyon and has his love confessed to her. During the years they were gone they learn that Fairy Tail has fallen apart. They are in debt and are no longer the number one guild. It is quickly decided by the FT members that were on Tenrou Island to enter the Grand Magic games to win back their guild hall. In order to train, Juvia and the other members of Fairy Tail go to the beach, however they end up wasting time by hanging out int he Celestial Spirit World. They receive a mysterious letter asks them to come to the forest. Upon arriving, they are greeted by Meredy, Ultear and Jellal. Juvia is glad to see Meredy happy and they hug. They have formed an independent guild and upon hearing Fairy Tail's participation in the games, ask for their help in investigating a strange magic force coming from the arena. In exchange, Ultear taps into their magical power and grants them access to Second Origin.

Arriving in Crocus, Juvia initially seeks Gray out and tries to ask him out on a lunch date. Lyon manages to interrupt however and an argument starts between the two guys over Juvia. It ends with whoever wins the games gets Juvia in their guild. Juvia is later revealed to be a member of the Fairy Tail B team much to everyone's surprise. She would fight alongside Mirajane, Laxus, Gajeel and Jellal ("Mystogan") On the first day of events, she decides to participate in the game Hidden, only because Gray had volunteered for Fairy Tail A. She quickly loses a point when she hugs a clone of Gray. She even saves Gray from being hit by Lyon during the event. Eventually, Rufus from Sabertooth uses his Memory Magic and hits everyone on the field at once. Sabertooth ends up winning and with one point, she puts her team in seventh place. With the first day over with, she joins the guild at the tavern only to have crazy scenarios play in her head of Gray & Lucy at the hotel.

At the end of the third day, everyone in the games decides to take a break by hanging out at Ryuzetsu Land. Juvia quickly "goes to battle" by wearing her special bikini and approaching Gray to go on the love slide with her. Lyon suddenly appears and tries to take her up on her offer to Gray. The two guys get into a fight at the top of the slide and while Juvia tries to stop them, they get knocked over. Juvia watches with jealousy as the two hug each other going down the side, pondering if the two guys are in a Boys Love.

On the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games, Juvia enters the Naval Battle event, citing that she is the best in the water. The event requires the everyone try and stay in the massive bubble of water while trying to knock their opponents out. Right from the start, Juvia quickly goes on the offensive against Lucy. Matching her power with that of Aquarius'. When Aquarius decides to leave, Juvia decides to unleash her second origin using her new magic called "Wings of Love". She knocks Chelia, Jenny and Risley out of the bubble at the same, netting herself a lot points. Caught up in the victory, she poses and boasts, looking for Gray's approval in the crowd. She is quickly outside the dome however much to her team's shock. Minerva had knocked her out of the ring giving her third place.

On the fifth day after the kidnapping of Lucy and the disbandment of the Raven Tail team for cheating. A new Fairy Tail team is formed Juvia, Gray, Erza, Laxus and Gajeel. The final game is announced: an all out battle between all the teams. When the game starts the team stays put, waiting for the other teams to wear each other down. Following Mavis' strategy, they scatter and Juvia eventually comes cross Chelia. Midway into their fight, both Gray Lyon show up making it a 2 vs. 2 battle. As their battle begins, Gray stays on the bridge while Juvia takes to the water. The coordinate their attacks to hit the duo while Lyon keeps refusing to touch Juvia. However, the two end up during the battle, mostly likely from Chelia. Juvia starts to feel defeated when Gray reaches down to her, telling her they can win with team work. The join hands and form a unison raid using their Water Nebula and Ice Geyser to send Chelia & Lyon flying.

With those two out of the way, Juvia & Gray make their way towards Sting, meeting their guild mates in the plaza. Sting arrogantly states that he can win against them since they were so worn out but Juvia is quick to chastise him. Sting ultimately surrenders and the victory goes to Team Fairy Tail, allowing them to win the overall game. The celebration is cut short however. Behind the scenes, project Eclipse has been going underway. Juvia and other mages are asked by the King of Fiore to help fight the dragons that are about to break through the gate.

As the war between the mages and dragons are raging, Juvia finds Meredy looking for Ultear who has suddenly vanished from the battle. AS the two girls chat, they are quickly pushed out of the way by Gray, preventing them from being hit by the laser beam. Lyon also appears and tells them to pay better attention. As Gray helps Juvia up he tries to tell her something important but a dragon hatchling starts firing a beam at Juvia. Gray quickly pushes her out of the way again takes the beam to his chest. Juvia watches in horror as Gray's body continues to be shot up, finally ending with a beam right through his forehead. Juvia is in tears and sobs over his lifeless body. However Ultear decides to use her life's energy to revert time, managing to go back early enough to prevent Gray's death.

With the destruction of the Eclipse Gate, everything from the future starts to vanish including the Dragons & Future Rogue. With the danger gone, everyone who participated in the games are invited to a party in their honor by the King. Juvia finds and approaches Gray, telling him that she has upgraded to "Juvia 2.0". When Gray asks if she is some sort of machine, Juvia recalls her four previous appearances and states that she is entering a new era.

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