Fighting Festival

Find Gray and getting his blessing, she goes and joins Fairy Tail ahead of their return. But not everyone is happy that she's in their guild. This covers up to the end of the Fighting Festival arc.

Upon Team Natsu's return, they are greeted by Juvia (who has a new look) and Makarov. She cheerfully tells them she joined the guild with the master's blessing. She even invited her friend Gajeel to join as well. It's not long after that the Harvest festival comes to Magnolia and Fairy Tail holds a beauty contest. Eager to impress Gray, she enters alongside Erza, Lucy, Cana, Mirajane, Bisca and Levy. The event is quickly put on hold however when Thunder God Tribe returns to the guild. Evergreen uses her eyes to turn all the female contestants to stone. Erza manages to break free and goes after Evergreen, breaking the stone gaze on Juvia and the girls.

Upon release, the girls are told of Laxus' plan and the Thunder Palace. The girls agree to join the battle against the Thunder God trbie and set off into the city to find them. Juvia decides to teams up with Cana and they head to the outskirts of town, bumping into Freed. They get trapped inside one of his runes and can't leave till one of them has been defeated. Cana and Juvia try to convince Freed to let them go, but he refuses. Going so far as to say he does not trust Juvia and that she was still "Phantom's woman". Their pleas falling on deaf ears, Juvia tells Cana that it can't be helped.

Scared that Juvia might actually start a fight with her, Cana tells her that's what Freed wants. However Juvia flies her Water Body up into the sky, attempting to break free. Being told by Freed that it is pointless to try and escape, shes goes right for the lighting lacrima. Freed watches in shock as she destroys the lacrima, electrocuting herself. Juvia falls to the ground and the runes vanish. Cana rushes to Juvia's aide and berates her for doing something so dangerous. Juvia states she just wants to be accepted and that she refuses to harm her fellow guildmates. Cana cries and berates her further, saying that Juvia is already a member of Fairy Tail.

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