Family & Home

Here we explore the familial bonds that Juvia has and where she calls home. As mentioned in the intro to the Fairy Tail series, family and friends are a big theme. For Juvia, Fairy Tail becomes her family.


Juvia is a known orphan, as both of her parents are deceased. Mashima has yet to give a explanation on how they died or who they were. It is also not known at which point in her life she became a orphan, it could have been in her childhood or even around the time she joined Phantom Lord. Combine being an orphan with being shunned for her magic abilities, its easy to see how she fell into the arms of Jose. What she says she was accepted by the guild, I still think it was a negative environment for her. Jose didn't really care much for the people in his guild, only that they were powerful. She was just being used and that is not loyalty, love and most of all not family. She had no room to grow emotionally in Phantom Lord.

After the fall of Phantom Lord, Juvia is an independent mage. Following her defeat by Gray and subsequently falling in love with him, Juvia would follow him around from location to location. This included him being around the guild and even as far as the Akane Resort. Despite her use as a tool against Team Natsu at the Tower of Heaven, Juvia desperately seeks acceptance and forgiveness for past and current uncontrollable actions. Lucy ultimately gets to her and brings her back to normal. Through her battle with Gray, fighting to save Erza and her inadvertent battle against Lucy she learns what a guild is supposed to be: Loyal, Familial, Protective and most importantly, forgiving. With Erza saved, she would go back to Fairy Tail ahead of the gang to request permission to join.

We mages of Fairy Tail are all carrying something... wounds... pain... suffering... and I as well. - Mirajane

With Makarov's full blessing she would become a member and with that, find kindred spirits. Most people in the guild are without family and therefore, forged bonds with one another. For awhile Juvia would still struggle over acceptance in the guild. Unbeknownst to her, she was welcome the moment she joined by the majority of the guild. Feeling that she would still need to prove something, she "took one for the team" during the Fighting Festival. Rather then hurt her comrade she knocked herself out of the running, much to Cana's disbelief.

Cana: What on Earth were you thinking?!?
Juvia: Juvia just... wanted to... make you all.... accept her... as a true member of... Fairy Tail ... Juvia loves you guys.
Cana: Of course you're one of us!! There was never any question about that!!

After this point, her being welcome or not is no longer questioned or explored. She is simply part of a big member family. As she stated above. She loves them ... and its no doubt that they love her back.


Upon joining Fairy Tail, Juvia obtains a room at Fairy Hills (フェアリー ヒルズ). Fairy Hills is a dormitory for the female mages at Fairy Tail. It was once ran by a matron however she passed away so Erza has taken on some of the duties. Rent is expensive, being 100,000 Jewels for one room! Girls can have more than one room however the rent goes up as well. This is one of the reasons why some female mages (i.e. Lucy) opt to rent a place in town instead. It hasn't been confirmed if her and the other girls still live at Fairy Hills after the time skip.

Juvia's room is rather normal in comparison to the other girls. Her room is adorned with simple but nice furniture. Her carpet is blue and the walls are brown. Her loveseat and armchair are part of a set, being green in color. In between them in a simple white coffee table and a circular rug is underneath that. While Juvia has some wall decorations, the most notable decorations are a portrait of Gray and a Gray plushie on her bed. It is currently unknown how Juvia affords her room month to month.