In order to talk about Edolas Juvia, first we must talk about world Edolas itself.

Simply called Edolas (エドラス), this world is a parallel version to Earthland. Edolas is not only the name of the world but the major kingdom within it as well. The kingdom was ruled by Faust until being overthrown by his son Mystogan and Fairy Tail. The majority of people who live in Edolas have a counterpart in Earthland, Juvia included. Edolas was home to several races including the Exceed.

The major difference between these two dimensions is the usage of magic. Magic in Edolas is rare and far between, with items being used instead of actual people. Because of this, most Earthland mages must take a form of pill in order to use their abilities. With magic being rare and diminishing, magic has been mostly outlawed and guilds persecuted. This is the major reason why the Edolas version of Fairy Tail is considered a Dark Guild. Faust was trying to keep magic in Edolas by using Anima to take magic from Earthland. Currently with Mystogan in power, there is no magic left in Edolas.

Edo Juvia

Edolas Juvia as mentioned above, is very different from our usual Earthland Juvia. For starters, she wears less clothing. While her hair is the same as typical Juvia, she wears a little hat off to the side of her head. For clothing, she wears an outfit that you would probably find in a Halloween costume store titled "sexy military girl". @_@ Her top only goes to below her boobs, with it being tied off. While white in color it has a little red tie and some yellow embroidering on the arms. She wears white gloves which is a first for Juvia. Her midriff is shown off with a blue mini-skirt and yellow buckle. Another first for Juvia, she is wearing black/brown pantyhose. For shoes she wears black high heels, another first for Juvia.

Juvia: Juvia's going to work now.
Gray Surge: W-...wait Juvia-chan!! I want to go~... with you.
Juvia: How many clothes are you wearing? Ask me that when you get ride of those clothes.
Gray Surge: I... I have poor blood circulation!

Personality wise she is also different from Earthland Juvia. Shes seems colder and more aloof. The major change for this Juvia is that she could care less about her version of Gray (Gray Surge). It is as though the two have switched, with Gray Surge fawning over her. She also wears hardly any clothing while Gray Surge does. This is a 'turn off' for her and seeing him makes her feel warm. She even goes as far as to kick him away from her. Its interesting to note Edo Juvia still refers to herself in the third person. Since Edolas has little to no magic, Juvia relies on hand to hand combat skills and an umbrella infused with magic.