Sylvanas as a Ranger

Sylvanas was born and raised in the forest area of Quel'thalas (now Ghostlands) into the prominent Windrunner family. She lived alongside her sisters Alleria and Vereesa, her two brothers and her parents at Windrunner Spire. At a fairly young age Sylvanas joined the infamous high elf rangers Silvermoon City. She eventually made up the ranks to Ranger General.

During the second war against the Orcs, her sister Alleria and her troupe went to assist the Alliance, leaving Sylvanas in charge. Shortly after the departure of her sister's troupe, Sylvanas noticed the forests of Quel'thalas burning. Sylvanas went to investigate and found her sisters fleeing from invading trolls. Taking them out, Sylvanas and Alleria's troupe worked together to take out the remaining Orcs in Quel'Thalas. It was a long fight but eventually the Orcs fled and the second war was over.

With the second war over, the high elves kept to themselves and lived peacefully....for awhile. Next thing she knew, a human man named Arthas, a betrayer of Lordaeron was at the outskirts of Quel'thalas. With him were thousands of undead beings, known as the Scourge. With his attacks on villages near the border, Sylvanas took action. She assembled the Rangers and set out to get rid of him. However each time Sylvanas tried to stamp him and the Scourge out she found her group of rangers always in retreat. Much to Sylvanas' dismay, Arthas managed to breach the outer gates and forced her to retreat further back into the inner areas. Trying to keep Arthas back, she even went as far as to destroy bridges. However they only delayed him slightly.

As he managed to breach the inner area, she was desperate to send warning to Silvermoon. Each attempt failed however as Arthas managed to block her off at each turn. Finally, Arthas targeted Sylvanas, directly attacking her forces and finally meeting her on the battle field. During the battle, Syvlanas was mortally wounded and captured by by Arthas. While she thought she'd have a quick death, Arthas thought otherwise.



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