Her Family

Although it would seem Sylvanas is all alone, she actually once had a nice and peaceful family life. She was the 2nd of 3 daughters, all who were great High Rangers. However it would seem with the war, that her family and her close relations with her sisters have been severed.

Alleria Windrunner: Alleria is Sylvanas' older sister and the eldest sister in the family. It would appear her and Sylvanas were rather close to one another. For Alleria gave a locket to Sylvanas, a locket that Sylvanas holds very dear to her even as the Queen of the Forsaken. It is presumed that Alleria is dead and Sylvanas seems to think so. However its not confirmed. Alleria was a very good ranger, and served under the Alliance in the second war against the Horde faction. While fighting she was told false news of her sisters' death and was devestated. She soon turned her grief towards rage, creating bands of rangers to hunt down every orc in the world of Azaroth. Eventually she chose to go to Outland, the original home of Orcs and Dreanei. However since going there she had not come back, many believing her to be dead. At some point during her fighting she fell in love and had a son Arator with Turalyon, a Human Paladin. Even in present Azaroth, Alleria is seen as a hero and ally among the Alliance, despite the majority of High Elves turning into Blood Elves.

Vereesa Windrunner: Vereesa was the younger sister of Sylvanas and the youngest sister of the family. It is not really known how close she was to Sylvanas however it would appear she thinks both of her sisters are dead. She was a ranger during the second war however was assigned to escort a Human Mage named Rhonin to Grim Batol. After freeing the Dragon Queen, her and Rhonin were made Alliance Ambassadors and were tasked with going around Azeroth bringing up many issues besides the war with the Orcs to the population. During their time together, Rhonin and Vereesa fell in love, married and had twins. However, most of her family was killed by Arthas during the Scourge invasion. It would appear she is still alive somewhere in Quel'Thalas.

Arator: Arator, or rather "Arator the Redeemer" is the son of Alleria and Turalyon. He is a half-elf and the nephew of Sylvanas. Weither Sylvanas knows of his hertiage or not is not known. He is sided with the Alliance and can be found in Outland as part of the Alliance Expedition, which his parents was a part of. He is a paladin, much like his father and is currently searching for them. He has not seen his parents since he was a child.



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