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Why i like rose

Its a pretty simple yet tough question. Throughout the movie you see her slowly evolve. She's a determined woman yet very realistic. She runs away from enemies, yes she screams, she uses common sense to solve a riddle and dosen't just have a 300 IQ. However some of the few things that make her realistic is that she's sympathetic towards Alessa and doesn't just decide she's evil. I like to think of Rose as an anti-hero but one of those people in Sergio Leone's western movies. She's the "good' character but she's not always "good". She does some bad things as well. However compared to other characters in the movie, she is considered the heroine. Another reason i think she's realistic as a character is the fact that she acts like anyone would do in that situation. I love Rose for many reasons so its kinda hard to talk about everything. But if you wish to see more on why she's realistic, etc, etc see the antihero section :) So to end my why, i'll sum it up in a few words: realistic, determined, loving, sympathetic.

Why the title "A Mother is God?"

Well i had wanted orginally "A Mother is God in the eyes of a child" but thats too long for a site name ^^; So i decided on that. Plus its fitting to Rose as a person for she is a mother. Cybil says the phrase in the movie and later Rose tells Dahlia that when she was spared. Dahlia is god in the eyes of Alessa and Rose is god in the eyes of Sharon. Or so i like to think. :)


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