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More then likely you are here because, like me, you love chris and jill together. Be it as partners, friends, lovers, rivals, whatever. But there is also a chance you may be wondering "why jill and chris?" or "who are jill and chris?" or even "what is resident evil?"

Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) is a long running survival horror video game series made by Capcom. Debuting on the Playstation 1 in 1996 with Chris and Jill as the playable characters. Since then many games have followed with the more recent releases being Resident Evil 6 & Resident Evil Revelations.

As for the why part... During my 30 day of video games i selected Jill & Chris for my Day 7 - Best Game Duo. I think the reason i picked them highlights why they are my OTP:

"It might seem strange to pick Chris & Jill from Resident Evil. While they are seen as partners, they are rarely seen side by side in the installments. The only times they are played side by side is Lost in Nightmares, the Eastern Europe campaign in the Umbrella Chronicles and the ending of Revelations. However there is that dedication to one another. You can find the other before you leave the mansion in RE1. Jill readily throws away her life for him in LiN and Chris really goes out of his way to find her in RE5. He eventually saves her too. In Revelations they are trying to find one another while uncovering the plot at hand. Really, i'm surprised these two aren't officially a couple yet (ahem capcom). Heck even Jessica is jealous of the partnership they have. They've been to hell and back together just to find one another. If thats not love and dedication what is? They're old partners you know?

While the fanlisting name "unspoken" was handed down to me when i adopted this fanlisting i chose not to change it. why? because i feel it fits. granted chris does like to say "jiiiiiill!" a lot in RE5 but i feel their motives and actions speak for them. They dont say "i'm going to save you because you're my partner". they just go out and do it. Between them, nothing needs to be said. They know how deep their partnership is. They know what the other is willing to do for them. It's all unspoken.

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