Hello and Welcome to Protocol Ten, the approved fanlisting for the action-adventure superhero game Batman: Arkham City. Following up on the best game of 2009, you infilitrate a section of Gotham thats been paritioned off and in Arkham City criminals roam free, committing their crimes away from society. Gang turfs and wars arise, political prisoners and medicial professionals need protection, many villains and unexpected allies appear and who exactly is Hugo Strange and this "Protocol Ten"?. If you are also a huge fan like me, please consider joining!

You are currently viewing version 1.0 of Protocol Ten which was added on August 31st, 2012. When it came time to make layout i knew i had to use this image. I really enjoy Harley Quinn and in paticular this image of her and Batman. It was a tie between this one and the image of Batman with Catwoman. However this seemed easier to use as a header. I had planned for fancier CSS however i'm on a bit of a time constraint. Moving states can do that!! Hope you enjoy though.

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