Welcome to Wonderland, Eimii's fanlisting collective. This is also my big hub of joined fanlisings. What can i say? I love joining fanlistings. :D My interest have quite the range but most of my owned fanlistings are centered around Japan & South Korea (anime + gaming). Find your way here and not sure what a fanlisting is? According to The Fanlistings and Anime Fanlistings, a fanlisting is:

"A web clique that lists fans of a particular subject. Unlike most web cliques, a person does not need a web site in order to join. Fans from around the world submit their information to their approved fanlisting and they are then listed to show their love for the subject."

Collective Statistics

Owner: Eimii
Part of: The Robot Honey Network
Owned Fanlistings: 50 (0 Pending)
Joined Fanlistings: 991 (1 Pending)
Affiliates: 15
Recent Fanlisting: Jill Valentine
Random Fanlisting: Final Fantasy Tactics


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