Her Story

Jessica was born into the aristocratic Albert family to loving parents and brother. After some point it would seem her father passed away, leaving her mother Rosalind to watch over the two children. Jessica was never really close to her mother (for reasons explained in other sections), preferring the company of her brother Alistair instead.

The first mention of her name comes from the old woman in the village, scolding the boys Bangerz and Mash because they are supposed to be running an errand for her, not attacking the hero. Alexandria is in a rather solemn mood because Master Alistair has been murdered at the Eastern Tower by an apparent thief. The Albert mansion is in quite a state of chaos.

Jessica's fiance has arrived and Jessica and her mother are bickering even more so then usual. Mainly about the idea of revenge for Alistair's murder. When the hero arrives upstairs Jessica has locked herself up in her room, Bangerz and Mash keeping guard. However upon the hero sending Munchie into her room, its discovered shes not there!

Munchie finds her letter, in which she states shes gone to the Tower of Alexandria to avenge her brother's death. When the hero reveals this information to Bangerz and Mash, they ask the Hero to find her. Jessica attacks the Hero and Yangus when they reach the top of the tower, thinking they are the murderers of Alistair.

As Jessica is about unleash her rage on them a familiar voice stops her, it is that of her slain brother Alistair. As Alistair reveals, Dhoulmagus is the one that killed him at the top of the tower. As Alistair finishes explaining and vanishes, Jessica breaks down and tells the Hero to leave her alone for a bit.

When the hero goes to the mansion the next day he finds that Jessica has returned...and that she is bickering with her mother again. Once again about revenge. The argument ends with Jessica leaving and getting disowned by her mother.

Its not until the Hero reaches Port Prospect that the player bumps into Jessica again. This time, shes arguing with the Quartermaster because the ferry to the southern continent have stopped running. She sees the Hero and decides that he's going to get rid of the sea monster. Once the hero kills the sea monster and is about to set off for Preguin Quay, Jessica decides to make an offer about joining up.

With Jessica in the party, the quirky bunch head off to Maella Abbey and then Simpleton, where they come face to face with the infamous templar Angelo (Kukule). After a bar brawl, Angelo is quick to introduce himself to her in an attempt to woo her. However, his plan backfires and she becomes disgusted. After he leaves she insists the party go to the abbey to return his ring, which brings about certain events involving the abbot.

The story doesn't really focus on Jessica again till after the group has defeated Dhoulmagus.

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