The lovely basics of what Square-Enix has to say about Jessica Albert. This is only here to show what the company and game makers themselves want you to know about her before playing the game indepth. If you want more juicy details, see the other sections.

Game Booklet

The only daughter of an aristocratic family from a small village. Something of a tomboy, she is constantly arguing with her mother but is respected by her fellow villagers. She is a budding sorceress who is adept not only at casting combat spells, but at wielding short blades, whips and staves as well.

English Website

Despite her casual dress and her inquisitive expressions, Jessica is actually the daughter of a famous family of rural aristocrats. Hidden away within her are the seeds of powerful magic, so she currently studies magic in the hopes of unlocking that power. Jessica is also trying to hunt down Dhoulmagus, and that is why she eventually joins up with [the hero] and Yangus. What happened between her and Dhoulmagus to make her want to leave such a comfortable life behind?

European Website

A member of the rural aristocracy, Jessica is the youngest daughter of the famous Albert family. For countless generations, her ancestors have governed and protected the idyllic village of Alexandria with wisdom and strength. In spite of her noble origins and the best efforts of her highly decorous mother, however, Jessica is something of a tomboy, her only close relationship being with her old brother Alistair whom she idolizes. Exhibiting her ancestors' talent for magic, she brings an arsenal of powerful spells to the party, making her an invaluable ally.

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